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About me

Rianna Thomas is an expressionist artist. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD & Autism resulted in her relying on art as a source of expression & as a way to communicate with others. Life without a diagnosis resulted in Rianna growing up extremely shy, becoming one who tended to listen & observe rather than participate. Because of this, she used her art to interpret & understand herself & those around her, becoming fascinated from a young age with painting highly expressive & emotive faces.

Rianna’s medium of choice are watercolour paints. The organic, unpredictable nature of watercolours inspires her to express her thoughts & feelings, however messy they may be. Rianna also loves experimenting & mixing mediums together, and usually incorporates multiple mediums within one artwork, adding details with colour pencils, ink, & metallic accents.

Rianna’s goal with her art is to create emotive and relatable works that can resonate with others. She also hopes through using her art as therapy & being open with her Autism & ADHD diagnosis, she can help bring representation & awareness to those, especially women, on the spectrum.




Google Arts & Culture x ARTXV - Launched May, 2022


Actually Autistic: An Exhibition - Artist & Curator, City Library Gallery, Melbourne, October - November 2022

Reflections -  We The Women and TedxYouth, Online & at What The F**k festival, Munich, Germany, August 2022

NFT.NYC - Times Square, New York, June 2022

Four Mediums - Ferntree Gully Arts Society Group Exhibition, The Hut Gallery, April 2021

Respect - MAVA Collective Group Exhibition, Bendigo Bank Carlton, April 2021

Self Portrait - Group Exhibition, in.cube8r Gallery Fitzroy, March 2020

Passage of Time - MAVA Collective Group Exhibition , AGRA Gallery, February 2020 

Manifest - MAVA Collective Group Exhibition, 345 Art Creative, November 2019

STELLAR - RAW: Natural Born Artists, Melbourne Pavilion, August 2019


ARTXV Member - ​The 1st NFT Collective for neurodivergent artists, 2021 - Present

MAVA Member2019 - Present

Incube8rOnline Website & Fitzroy Store, 2020 - 2021



Diploma of Visual Arts - RMIT, 2018


WRAD - 1st Place in the Annual WRAD Art Competition, 2015​

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