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A Little Life Update

It's been a struggle trying to be on top of all of the things I need to do, especially while dealing with chronic illness. Turns out this whole disability thing can actually be quite disabling at times, who knew?

I have so many ideas for things I want to create. For the past few months I have been excited and so inspired by the possibilities of working with clay. I have so many lists of things I want to translate from my mind through my hands. I have so many artworks and artists that thrill me and leave me impatient to make works of my own.

Here is the very first ceramic piece I have ever made, the process was taught to me by the lovely Clay of Eyes who glazed and fired it for me.

I have also remembered my love of lino printing! I haven't done it for years but the act of carving out each mark, an act that can be so precise and so frustrating is something I want to experience again! I would love to see what I can create being a more developed artist now.

And of course my love for watercolours is still as strong as it always has been! I have so many ideas but it seems impossible to do any of them when it is such an accomplishment to even get out of bed.

I know that I need help and so I've been working hard since January to join the NDIS. The process has been completely overwhelming and draining, but the few people I've already worked with have been so patient and lovely that I know all this fatigue will be worth it for when I'm back on my feet and making art again.

I think most artists will agree that when they aren't creating, things don't feel right. As good as things could possibly ever be, if I am not actively making art it shows a problem, a disruption, a blockage that can only be fixed by creating once more. I know this is the reason I feel so lost and empty and you'd think it'd be easy to pick up a paintbrush and start again, but my mind and body are exhausted and overwhelmed. The thought of doing any art seems impossible.

I've been through periods like this before and I have no doubt I'll go through periods like this again, I suppose I'm just writing this to say that I am still here, and I promise I will be back soon. I just need to extend myself some patience and I hope you can too. When I am back on my feet I have so many ideas and so much passion to show you. In the meantime, thank you for waiting for me.

Love and frogs,

Rianna Thomas.

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