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Artwork Stocked at Fitzroy In.cube8r

I've been a customer and fan of the In.cube8r Emporiums and Galleries for a while now, my walls and shelves are scattered with artwork and little trinkets from their stores.

I was so beyond thrilled when I was asked to enter my work in the 'Self Portrait' Exhibition they hosted earlier this year, and to be asked to stock my artwork with them was a dream come true!

I initially had my stock for sale online only, due to COVID and in person business operating restrictions.

However, now that the physical stores are up and running again, I made sure to put my hand up to stock my work in store!

I'm definitely much more of a creator than a business person, so stepping into the world of selling my art has meant jumping entirely out of my comfort zone.

Having Elle-May, the owner and curator of In.cube8r, alongside with me every step of the way and answering all my questions has been such a huge help.

Everyone in the In.cube8r community has been so lovely to me, always giving me support and advice with such welcoming, warm words and faces.

Things are still extremely new and I am desperately trying to take on board all the information and advice I've been given and implement it all into my art business, but I need to make sure I celebrate accomplishments as they come.

So for now, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my business, thank you for those who have adopted my artwork into their homes, and thank you for being here, reading this and wanting to listen to my words!

Things are a little wobbly right now as I attempt to market my work for the first time, so thank you for your patience and for baring with me during this exciting and clumsy phase of my business!

I hope you're doing well, I hope you are being kind to yourself, and I hope you're appreciating yourselves as much as I appreciate you!

Love and frogs,

Rianna Thomas

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