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Actually Autistic: An Exhibition

The Gallery at City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 

26/10/22 - 17/11/22

About the exhibition

‘Actually Autistic: An Exhibition’ invited the people of Melbourne to join in on celebrating, nurturing and empowering autistic creativity. Run by and for autistic artists, showcasing diverse and expressive artwork depicting the unique perspectives, experiences and voices of people on the spectrum.
‘Actually Autistic: An Exhibition’ is a collection of works aimed at cultivating understanding, celebration and representation in regards to autism. Encouraging members of the public to directly connect with and support autistic artists. All whilst challenging stereotypes as we feature the voices of marginalised genders, not often heard within our own community.
Rejoice in individuality and neurodiversity as our artists express themselves freely in their chosen medium and art form in ‘Actually Autistic: An Exhibition’!


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